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Oil Painting

XIX century - Ronda Mayor (Love walks in front of a hair salon in the city)  Latest acquisition

Year 1889 - A spanish student playing the guitar, leaning on a table  Latest acquisition


XIX Century - Korbschläger. Duel saber of a german student

Medals and emblems

Year 1882 - Medal of students in Lisbon to mark the centenary of the death of the Marquis of Pombal

Year 1884 - International student congress medal at the Free University of Brussels

Year 1885 - Medal awarded to the Figaro Spanish Students in Buenos Aires by the Central Board of Aid to Andalusia

Year 1897 - Estudiantina of Monaco

XIX century - Medal of merit

Year 1906 - Estudiantina competition in Monaco. Commissary

Year 1908 - First International Congress of American Students

Year 1908 - The Municipality of Montevideo to the First International Congress of American Students  Latest acquisition

Year 1908 - To delegation of paraguayan students their colleagues from Rosario in honor of their visit

Year 1912 - Third International Congress of American Students

Year 1918 - Studentenzipfel

Year 1927 - A german student's ring

Year 1937 - Medal of the VII Universiade held in Paris (France) - VIIes Jeux Universitaires Internationaux

Year 1950 (ca.) - Geelong College ensign

Year 1959 - Spanish 7th University Sports Championship medal

Year 1959 - Student championship - Campionati studenteschi

Year 1963 - Student championship - Criterium nazionale studentesco atletica leggera

Year 1973 - Universitary championship - University of Buenos Aires

Year 1981 - Spanish Universitary Sports Championship medal

Year 1983 - Medal of the XI Winter Universiade held in Sofia (Bulgaria)  

Year 2010 - Medal of European Goliards

Year 2010 - Medal "Honoris Causa" of the Musée du Folklore Estudiantin. Fonds Jean Denys Boussart

Porcelain and glass

XIX century - Manises tile

XIX century - Studentenkrug. Student tankard

Año 1885 (ca.) - Colour Glass Magic Lantern slide: Costume of a spanish student  Latest acquisition

Año 1885 (ca.) - Colour Glass Magic Lantern slide: Spanish student of olden times  Latest acquisition

Year 1909 - Studentenkrug. Student tankard

Year 1912 - A german student's pipe

Year 1960 (ca.) - Glassware

Year 1970 (ca.) - Student

Year 1995 - Spanish "tuno", created in memorial of the V Centenary of the University of Santiago de Compostela  Latest acquisition

Year 2011 - Don Ildefonso Zabaleta, president of the Spanish Estudiantina

Small spoons

Year 1927 - Small spoon belonging to an Estudiantina

Year 1929 - Small spoon belonging to an Estudiantina

Fete posters and programmes

XIX century - "A student of Salamanca" performed at the Teatro Eslava

Year 1892 - Students' ball. Programme

Year 1892 - Programme of the Tuna Gijonesa

Year 1903 - General Association of Students of Grenoble. Charity ball

Year 1907 - Extraordinary festival in order to raise funds for the creation of TB dispensaries  Latest acquisition

Year 1916 - El estudiante. Revista cultural, literaria y satírica  Latest acquisition

Year 1921 - Evening organized by the Federation of Catholic Students of Madrid  Latest acquisition

Year 1921 - Typical student masquerade

Year 1923 - Function organized by the Federation of Catholic Students of Madrid  Latest acquisition

Year 1925 - Programa do Sarau dos alunos da Escola Politecnica de 1901 a 1907  Latest acquisition

Year 1929 - Student theatre festival

Year 1929 - Student theatre festival

Year 1934 - Matinee grand gala organized by the Commission for the acquisition and distribution of toys to children in free schools  Latest acquisition

Year 1936 - Election of Miss Student 1936

Year 1962 - Hand program for the University Tuna of the District of Granada  Latest acquisition

Year 1963 - Student bullfight

Year 1973 - "Los Tunos Tunantes". Traditional festivals Cadiz  Latest acquisition

Year 1993 - Cadiz carnival "La Tuna del Loco"  Latest acquisition

Year 1985 - Lunes de aguas

Unknown year - Musical literary evening given by the students of the Sacred Heart to their parents  Latest acquisition

Unknown year - Lyrical dramatic evening of Students of the Royal College of San Antonio Abad  Latest acquisition

Colección de carteles y programas de mano de tunas y estudiantinas


Year 1950 - Pennant Estudiantes de Salamanca

Year 1960 - Pennant de Medicina (paso del ecuador)

Year 1961 - Pennant III semana de la Escuela Social

Year 1961/62 - Pennant Filosofía y Letras (paso del ecuador)

Year 1961/61 - Pennant Biológicas (paso del ecuador)

Year 1961/62 - Pennant Medicina (paso del ecuador)

Year 1964/65 - Pennant Mención de honor (premio a la aplicación)

Year 1965 - Pennant VIII Certamen Nacional de Tunas

Year 1965/66 - Pennant Medicina (paso del ecuador)

Year 1965/66 - Pennant Ciencias Políticas

Year 1967 - Pennant Tuna de La Salle

Year 1968 - Pennant Tuna de La Salle

Unknown year - Pennant Milicia Naval Universitaria

Unknown year - Pennant Políticas y Económicas

Unknown year - Pennant Practicantes (Fiesta de San Juan de Dios)

Unknown year - Pennant Tuna de Veterinaria

Unknown year - Pennant Tuna de Madrid

Unknown year - Pennant Tuna Pericial de Reus

Unknown year - Pennant la Tuna

Unknown year - Pennant Colegio Mayor Universitario Hernán Cortés de Salamanca


Year 1845 - Silhouette of a german student

Year 1888 - A playing card  Latest acquisition

Year 1920 - Sigma Phi Alpha painted wood university fraternity pledge paddle  Latest acquisition

Year 1951 - Raffle for the Estudiantina of the University of Barcelona

Year 1962 (ca.) - Stamp

Year 1963 - University film club of Salamanca

Year 1986 - Stamp

Year 1986 - First day of circulation: Cadiz Carnival Scene  Latest acquisition

Year 1993- Cutout of the Holy Week and Spring Party at Murcia

Several years - Collection of university pins

Unknown year - Student of Vich. Social Work Emblem

Unknown year - Sweet jar

Unknown year - Ex-libris Luis Villar de Partearroyo


Year 1950 (ca.) - Tuno

Year 1950 (ca.) - Tuno

Year 1950 (ca.) - Tuno

Year 1950 (ca.) - Tuno

Year 1960 (ca.) - Tuno

Year 1960 (ca.) - Tuno collection

Year 1980 (ca.) - Tuno collection

Year 1990 (ca.) - Tuno

Year 1990 (ca.) - Tunos

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