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STUDENT SONGBOOK - International Museum of the Student

The student's life

Country: United Kingdom
Review: Songbook

The students life's the life for me;
Let every man his choice defend
My heart is pledged to Liberty;
She ever was truest friend.
Oh! Students are a merry gang, sir;
For trouble they don't care a hang, sir, a hang, sir!

The stag, the student and the rabbit
Must all the selfsame grievance face;
To these the men in scarlet habit,
To these the vulgar herd give chase.
Oh! Students, etc.

Kind father must provide the money
If young my lord to college goes,
And for the welfare of his sonny
See that this purse with crowns o'erflows.
Oh! Students, etc.

I never yet saw millwheel turning
That was not by a stream impelled;
Nor can a man acquire great learning
If cash supplies be long withheld.
Oh! Students, etc.

He'll borrow, if he's poor and prudent,
From ignorant humanity;
And say: "From simpleton to student,
Why! all the world is vanity!"
Oh! Students, etc.

And when his student days are ended,
He goes to dwell among his clan;
Armed with his grammar and commended
By all the world - a learning man!

Note: Con frecuencia la tradición oral  hace que la versión más popular de una letra difiera de la creación original. Nuestro labor se centra en dar a conocer las letras tal y como fueron escritas por sus autores.

Este cancionero contiene únicamente obras que forman parte de la colección del Museo. Si desea conocer a fondo el repertorio estudiantil, le recomendamos el excepcional libro de Antonio Luís Morán Saus y José Manuel García Lagos titulado: «Cancionero de Estudiantes de la Tuna. El cantar estudiantil de la edad Media al siglo XX»..

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