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STUDENT SONGBOOK - International Museum of the Student

An old student's memories

Country: United Kingdom
Review: Songbook

O college days, O glorious days;
That lie son far behind us;
How freely once your jocund ways
We trod, with none to bind us!
But now, we seek for you in vain,
Nor hope to win you back again.
Oh dear-o-dear-odearum,
Oquæ mutatio rerum!

Now cap and blazer lie in dust,
The plying oar's forgotten,
Our foils are eaten up with rust,
The willow's core is rotten!
Our famous deeds have had their day,
Our choruses have died away.
Oh dear-o-dear-odearum, etc.

Where are they, who on S. R. C.'s
Once held the posts of glory,
Who ruled in pride and passed decrees
Like any king in story?
With humble miem, they went their ways,
With Philistines to end their days.
Oh dear-o-dear-odearum, etc.

There's one who spends his dreary days
In law and litigation,
One writes critiques of wretched plays,
One toils at education,
One thunders at the sinful soul,
And one its shattered house makes whole.
Oh dear-o-dear-odearum, etc.

But a heart of the right old student stuff
Can never more grow cold, sirs!
'Twill show its pluck whwn life is rough,
As in the games of old, sirs!
What though the husk has fall'n away?
The kernell still is ours to-day,
Oh that we'll keep our hold, sirs,
Oh that we'll keep our hold, sirs!

Then let us, comrades, now, and friends,
oin hand to hand, in token
Of loyalty that never ends,
And kindly words unspoken.
Then lift your sparkling cups on high;
Here's to a pledge unbroken
Here's to a pledge unbroken!

Note: Con frecuencia la tradición oral  hace que la versión más popular de una letra difiera de la creación original. Nuestro labor se centra en dar a conocer las letras tal y como fueron escritas por sus autores.

Este cancionero contiene únicamente obras que forman parte de la colección del Museo. Si desea conocer a fondo el repertorio estudiantil, le recomendamos el excepcional libro de Antonio Luís Morán Saus y José Manuel García Lagos titulado: «Cancionero de Estudiantes de la Tuna. El cantar estudiantil de la edad Media al siglo XX»..

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